Even when Middletown was scarcely more than a cluster of log cabins huddled on the bank of the Great Miami, our firm was providing our special personal service to their fellow townspeople. Often a member of a bereaved family would be seen carrying a stick toward Thomas Wilson's small cabinet shop. The stick provided measurement by which Wilson could construct a finely crafted wooden casket. Members of the community would later gather in the family's cabin to pay their respects.

From that time forth, we have pioneered the profession in Middletown. In the late 1800's, citizens of the now-thriving town would pause to pay reverence as one of our two horse drawn hearses rolled up the unpaved streets. They knew the white hearse drawn by a team of white horses meant a young person has passed on. An older person was serviced by a black hearse, with a matching team of horses. We introduced Middletown's first funeral home and shortly after the turn of the century, brought the first motorized hearse to the area.

Today our modern facilities at 3805 Roosevelt Blvd. are equipped to handle today's needs; our chapels are spacious our parking facilities are more than adequate. We have grown into one of the most complete funeral homes in the area. Yet our growth has not affected our service to you, our neighbors-the same personal service as Thomas Wilson in his small cabinet shop 175 years ago.

  • 1839 Thomas Wilson comes to Middletown as a cabinet, furniture and "coffin" maker.
  • 1862 Wilson brought to Middletown the first horse drawn ornamental hearse. Until then simple farm wagons had been used to transport the casket to the cemetery.
  • 1864 Upon returning from service in the Civil War, Arthur T. Wilson joined his father in business.
  • 1880 The furniture business was discontinued, giving full time service to the community in the undertaking business.
  • 1884 Arthur received his diploma from the Cincinnati College of Embalming, the first man in Middletown to achieve such training. Licensing of embalmers later became state law.
  • 1898 Howard A. Wilson, Sr. joined his father after graduating from the Clark School of Embalming.
  • 1900 Moved from our location on Main St. across from the U.S. Hotel to 210 S. Main becoming the first residential funeral home in Middletown.
  • 1915 A young Hungarian emigrant, Stephen J. Schramm, graduates from the Cincinnati School of Embalming and continues his work with a funeral firm in Cleveland.
  • 1919 The Wilson Funeral Home introduces to Middletown, the first motorized hearse.
  • 1928 Thomas H. Wilson joins the firm.
  • 1933 Howard A. Wilson, Jr. joins the business with his brother
  • 1934 Stephen Schramm founds the Schramm Funeral Home at 5 Clark Street.
  • 1948 S. Joseph Schramm joins his father in the operation of the funeral home.
  • 1953 N. Richard Schramm joins the firm.
  • 1955 Joseph & Richard Schramm take over their father's business.
  • 1964 Thomas R. Wilson joins the firm
  • 1969 The Wilson Funeral home and the Schramm Funeral Home merge to become the Wilson-Schramm- Memorial Home.
  • 1972 The Wilson's and the Schramm's celebrate the grand opening of their new funeral home at 3805 Roosevelt Blvd.
  • 1979 Wilson-Schramm celebrate their 140th anniversary as Middletown's oldest business
  • 1986 Ron & Judy Spaulding purchase the Wilson-Schramm Memorial Home
  • 1988 The name is changed to Wilson-Schramm-Spaulding Funeral Home.
  • 2001 Mark A. Spaulding joins his parents in the firm.
  • 2004 Expansion of Funeral Home with a new larger chapel.
  • 2017 Completion of reception room
  • 2022 Wilson-Schramm-Spaulding Funeral Home became the first funeral home in Middletown to have their own onsite crematory

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